The Animal Messengers

                                             CHLOE (Dec. 1, 1999 – Jan. 3, 2014)

Chloe (lamb) with Charlotte and Queenmere

Chloe (lamb), Queenmere (right), and Charlotte (left)

When the two ewes and Chloe arrived at the sanctuary, Chloe was still a lamb. She grew up in freedom and definitely has a mind of her own. She is second in size only to Wonder, so has a lot of weight to throw around when she feels like it. All of the sheep are a Columbian mix. Columbians are a large breed of sheep and reportedly don’t like having their feet messed with (as in hoof trimming). Unlike the other three sheep, Chloe has a tail. Most sheep get their tails cropped when they are lambs, but she was too old for that by the time she came to the sanctuary and it would have entailed (sorry!) surgery and a painful recovery, so she kept her tail. Plus cropping is an unnecessary act when you have a small flock and can keep an eye out for parasite problems. Like Charlotte, Chloe loves being hugged and petted and talked to, so much so that she has been known to continue lying there being petted after her shearing is finished (a highly unusual occurrence).

Chloe lived to the eminent age of 14, like her mother Queenmere, which is quite elderly for a sheep. She clearly wanted to stay on the sanctuary with all of us, but her body just couldn't go on. Chloe, you will always be in our hearts.

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