The Animal Messengers


Pegasus the horse

Pegasus, a pure-white miniature horse, first came to the sanctuary as a drop-off. She had broken her tether and was wandering the road when someone rescued her and, seeing the sign on the gate asking visitors to please close it after entering because horses are loose, assumed she belonged there and let her in. She was thrilled to visit with the other horses, but her people soon came and got her. She lived her days on a tether (a rope tied to a stake in the ground), which is a terrible thing to do to any animal. I could see Pegasus from my office. I watched her for only a few days, then could bear it no longer and went to the people’s house to ask if they were looking for a home for the horse. To their credit, they said they were because they knew it was no way to keep a horse; they had rescued her from someone else.

So I led Pegasus home and she began a wonderful new life. Now she is in heaven roaming free all day (except during rich spring grass season when she can’t free-graze) with the other animals. When her close friend, Gabriel the donkey, was alive, they would often run around the property for the sheer joy of it. Now she is most often with the sheep.

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