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animals book coverWhat the Animals Taught Me
Stories of Love and Healing
from a Farm Animal Sanctuary

“In this deeply insightful book, Stephanie Marohn explores, through each heartwarming story, the nature of our relationship with animals and the often unintentional harm we may inflict on some of those we believe we love. What the Animals Taught Me leads to important questions: How well do we communicate with animals in our care? How do we react when we see someone abusing a dog or a donkey? Marohn shares with us some of the profound lessons that she has learned from the many animals she has rescued.”
—Dr. Jane Goodall, founder, the Jane Goodall Institute

What the Animals Taught Me recounts Marohn’s inspirational personal journey. An illuminating account of her touching experiences with rescued animals, it describes the animals’ deep inner lives and demonstrates how the connections we make with fellow animals can inspire and teach us about ourselves.”
—Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary, author of Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food

What the Animals Taught Me is a heartwarming book that deserves a wide readership. Stephanie Marohn and her dedicated coworkers selflessly provide a safe haven for animals of all shapes and sizes—horses, deer, donkeys, sheep, chickens, and others—and has written inspiring stories about these amazing beings who owe their very lives to this amazing woman. I will never forget Pegasus the horse or a deer named Angel. Read their tales, weep with sadness and joy, and embrace the trust, loyalty, and love our furry and feathered friends offer to us.” 
—Marc Bekoff, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals, Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals, and The Animal Manifesto: Six Reasons for Expanding our Compassion Footprint

What the Animals Taught Me is a candid and captivating journey into the animal world where the human mind and heart can flower. It is a beautiful and inspiring story of love, transformation, and transcendence.”
—Adele von Rüst McCormick, PhD, and Marlena Deborah McCormick, PhD, authors of Horse Sense and the Human Heart: What Horses Can Teach Us about Trust, Bonding, Creativity and Spirituality and Horses and The Mystical Path: The Celtic Way of Expanding the Human Soul

“I have deep respect and admiration for Stephanie Marohn’s understanding and reverence for the human/animal bond but, after reading this spellbinding book about unconditional love and animal messengers, I perceive her far greater gift. Stephanie not only reveres animals who cross her path as her true teachers, but she has the gift of weaving their beautiful stories in such a fashion that one can truly re-live the experience with her and feel honored to have been a recipient of the gifts of learning and healing from these wise sages. This is indeed a truly special literary collection.” 
—Gail Pope, president and founder, BrightHaven Animal Sanctuary & Hospice

"In the face of ever-more-distressing news about the plights of animals and our treatment of them and each other, Stephanie Marohn's tender insights into the animals she loves, herself, and fellow humans provide a promising antidote."
—Kimberly Carlisle, co-founder, The Flag Foundation for Horse/Human Partnership

"What the Animals Taught Me encapsulates many of the lessons and insights of unconditional love that we can learn from our kindred spirits. Sharing her experiences through heart-awakening stories about rescued and abused animals, one is immersed in the essence of the human-animal bond. The wisdom shared will deepen your experience with your animal friends. May this book be of benefit to all beings!”
—Allen M. Schoen, MS, DVM, author, Kindred Spirits: How the Remarkable Bond between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live

“Inspirational stories and lessons learned! Stephanie demonstrates her own special quality of research for medical intervention. She then adds a holistic approach to reach the desired outcome for her beloved animals. I love the way Stephanie finds the animal/human bond in all that she does as a healing space is created for herself and her four-legged charges.” 
—Carol Komitor, Founder, Healing Touch for Animals®

Red Wheel/Weiser/Hampton Roads Publishing, 2012; 183 pages; ISBN 978-1-57174-657-3

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